Workstations are what your employees interact with every day, if they have a limiting workstation the work they produce will be limited. NetVantage is proficient in mac, windows and linux operating systems and will recommend the one we think will work best, usually windows. There are many different types of workstations that may be suitable for your employees, it really depends on their need. If a standard workstation won’t make the cut, NetVantage will construct a workstation to your individual requirements to keep costs lower and ensure you have all of the computing power you need.
When recommending a workstation security is on the forefront on our mind, but we understand there’s a balance between restriction A physical workstation may be used to contain all of your data and programs, or for more demanding and larger workflows virtualization like Citrix, Microsoft RDP services, or VMWare Horizon. These same technologies will make working from outside the office secure and efficient.