Digital Security

As more businesses switch to paperless files to to increase productivity, the risk of data theft increases. To see how NetVantage can protect your network visit our networking page here. There are many other facets of security but really it boils down to one unfortunate reality: If any one device on your network can be compromised, your whole network is compromised. We can mitigate these risks with antivirus and firewall software on all devices that connect to the network but that only goes so far. The highest risk in a network is an uneducated employee. NetVantage works with other retailers to train your employees how to be secure and be sure everyone is following safe practices.
Another major risk is machines running on out-of-date software and Operating System versions. As part of our maintenance plan, after working with you to gather testers, we’ll test updates with them to make sure they work in your environment and then keep your devices up to date.

Physical Security

Securing your workplace is a very serious matter that NetVantage is happy to assist with. We offer digital access control that will allow you to only allow certain people physical access to your building and to remove that access any time you’d like. Cameras go hand in hand with access control and let you get a visual on your workplace, most commonly on entry and exit ways, and any cash areas to make sure your employees are safe.