From configurations big and small, any internet or intranet connected devices in your business, you have a network. Your network is the backbone of your business. NetVantage can make sure your network is healthy, secure and preforming the best it can. We have experience configuring and maintaining networks varying from five employees to five hundred.

Keeping You Secure

NetVantage recommends securing your network and has experience setting up firewalls so you can be PCI compliant and protect your data. We can utilize multiple networks to separate your business network from your guest or employee WiFi to keep cross contamination to an absolute minimum. Advanced firewalls monitor all traffic in and out of your network to make sure you’re not the target of any attack, and are designed to actively prevent that data from coming into your network.

Making your network work

Making sure you can access your network however and where you’d like is key. We understand that the most important feature of your network is allowing you to work where and when you’d like. Affordable full coverage WiFi so you can work in comfort anywhere in your office, or break away into a quiet place and still connect to your network resources. A VPN client on your computer can help so if the need arises for you to do some work during non work hours you can work securely from outside of the office. The client can also be used to grow your staff without growing your offices and have employees work from home just as if they were in the office.