Communications in the most important part of any business. It’s how customers contact you for sales and how your team communicates with each other. The right communication tools can make staying in total contact with your customers and team members effortless.
When considering communications platforms it’s important to identify what’s essential for you and your customers. Before recommending any communications platform NetVantage completes a survey to see what fits best for your business.


For many businesses phones are the bread of butter of their profit. They are the majority of how cash flow begins and the first experience customers will have with your company. Including more methods of communication like texting will allow more customers to contact to you and maximize your reach. It’s vital to have a professional, reliable, and useful phone system.

What does this mean?

Phones that aren’t going the extra mile for you are holding you back. Phones that let you run reports that can see when your calls are coming in, where they’re coming from, staff that is extra fast can let you adapt new policies to increase your profitability.


A solid email service is important in making sure that your company is more responsive to external and internal communications. There are many different services that may be suitable for your business and it isn’t one size fits all.