Cloud Services

Cloud Backups

Disasters happen, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. How well you’re prepared for those disasters make all of the difference. Cloud Backups is one of the services that we highly recommend to all small businesses. It can be the difference between losing all of your data or just a days worth.

NetVantage believes in the importance of cloud backups so we have our own dedicated servers for our customers’ data.

Cloud Backups can help mitigate:

  • Fire
  • Natural Disaster
  • Theft
  • Server Failure
  • Ransomware or Malware
  • Accidental Data Loss

Cloud Compute

If you’d prefer to not invest the capital into a server to run your application or host your database, let NetVantage do the heavy lifting for you. Servers at our data center with redundant internet connections can host your application so you don’t have to. We offer SSD storage and the ability to host many different types of services. We can also create a site to site VPN tunnel to make sure all data going across the web is secure.